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Warning lights and electrical faults.

Its no secret that vehicles have become more technical sometimes even been called rolling computers. They do make for a better vehicle ,more comfortable, safer, better fuel economy the list goes on, but this can bring with it challenges for the owners and technicians, to put it bluntly you can not diagnose and fix the modern vehicle without the modern equipment.

We have always equipped our garage with this in mind, from the earliest engine analyser which was the size of a wardrobe, we have many diagnostic machines and here is a quick list of our current equipment.


Magnii meraile




Our oldest tool. Still a good all-rounder Laptop based. Good European cover vehicles Handheld. Good European and asian based Handheld. Good tool asian based Laptop based. Specialist for VW, Audi, Seat & Skoda


With these tools we have dealer level software for Ford, Mazda Renault, Peugeot and Citroen.

With this, and properly the most important tool for proving/disproving what the computers say we also us a Oilliscope the industry leading 4 channel Pico scope

Pico scope

This lets us see electric! Transforming signals for sensors etc .to let you see the patterns on the lap-top screen. All this electrical testing equipment is backed up with other tools like pressure and vacuum testers, electrical thermometer and listening equipment also with up to date technical data which Is a must for wiring diagrams, even nowadays to find where a fuse might be.

All this in our opinion, is a must for taking the guess work out and diagnosing and fixing your vehicle quickly and efficiently.

Now all of the above is pointless and worthless of having if the people pushing the buttons can not understand what the computers are telling them “well that’s what the computer said” or “we re-placed what the computers told us to replace”

This is not something you will hear at THE GARAGE ON THE HILL

Using our experience and knowledge with the tools we have, we aim to give you up front , open and honest answers to whatever fault your vehicle may have knowing we have the back up of the equipment and testing that is required , we also understand the importance of using high quality replacement parts if required.


Do you have a warning light on? Or my ……. is not working. How much will it Cost?

The short answer is don’t know!

Frustrating yes but………

We understand that nobody likes to leave their vehicle at the garage with that answer ,so we give you two options.

Option one read and clear the fault code £30.00 + vat

For this we will read the fault codes of the appropriate system, put it in writing, and clear the code. NOTE: this is not a fix.

Option two depending on the fault we would normally say allow one hour labour, for this we will test drive if needed read the faults and appropriate live data, carry out some testing too, if not find/fix/confirm the fault or have a good idea of where we might be heading/possible faults.

This may seem a little vague but we have found from our experience its the best way.

Then the most important part, we will contact you and talk through with you the possible options available, keeping you in the loop and giving you the choice at all times.

Because of the nature of this testing and for the 1 hour charge we may well be with the vehicle longer, we request that the vehicle can be left with us for an agreed time.

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